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GATE Paper Analysis 2018

The aspirants of GATE 2018 can take the help of previous exam papers of GATE. This analysis helps them in the preparation of the GATE 2018. GATE 2018 paper analysis will help them in understanding the important topics first and the level of difficulty in the exam paper. If anyone sees the past trend, then one can observe that there were 23 paper codes in which Petroleum Engineering was a new entry in GATE 2017. For all the paper codes, the sections of General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics were common. The questions in the paper code of CS, CE, EE, EC and ME were little difficult as compared to other paper codes. So, the level of competitions was high for such streams. GATE paper Analysis 2018 section wise has been dictated below:

GATE Mechanical Paper Analysis 2018

In the year 2017, in the stream of Mechanical Engineering had more focus on conceptual questions. Emphasis on calculation type questions was little less. However, the questions which were carrying 1 mark were not hard to solve. The applicants easily attempted such questions. Here, we present a summary of the level of difficulty for Mechanical Engineering paper code. GATE mechanical paper Analysis 2018 below:

GATE Result 2018 – released

Section 1 Mark 2 Mark Number of Questions
Engineering Mathematics 5 4 9
Engineering Mechanics 0 2 2
Strength of Materials 5 4 9
Design of Machine Elements 0 1 1
Theory of Machines 1 2 3
Vibrations 0 1 1
Fluid mechanics 4 3 7
Thermal Science 5 4 9
Heat Transfer 1 1 2
Manufacturing Science 4 6 10
Industrial Engineering 0 2 2
Verbal Ability 3 2 5
Numerical Ability 2 3 5

You can also check the level of difficulty for GATE Mechanical Engineering 2016. In the exam also, questions were conceptually based rather than on calculation based.

Name of Topic Number of Questions Marks Difficulty Level
Engineering Mechanics 4 6 Moderate
Mechanics of Material 7 11 Tough
Theory of Machine 5 8 Easy
Machine Design 2 3 Easy
Fluid Mechanics 6 9 Moderate
Heat Transfer 4 7 Easy
Thermodynamics 7 11 Tough
Manufacturing Engineering 8 11 Tough
Industrial Engineering 2 4 Moderate
Mathematics 10 15 Moderate
General Aptitude 10 15 Easy
Total 65 100 Moderate

In the whole question paper, approximately 17% questions were for testing the mathematical skills of the candidates. The level of difficulty is not predictable as sometimes it is easier and sometimes it is difficult. Therefore, candidates must be ready for every situation.

Gate Exam Paper Analysis 2018

We provided Gate Exam Paper Analysis for students. This Analysis helps to attempt good marks in the Examination. Candidates can know about the Exam Difficulty level and Paper pattern. Students can also know about the questions type. Gate Paper Conduct for the admission for in M.E/ M.Tech/ and P.hd Programs. This Analysis provided you trick to crack the Exam Paper. Candidates can get admission with Gate Exam in IIT, IIM ETC Engineering College.

GATE Exam review 2018

Interested candidates can also Paper analysis of GATE 2015 Mechanical Engineering paper. Moreover, details of GATE Exam Review 2018 will be soon here!

Topic Number of Question Marks
Engineering Mechanics 4 6
Mechanics of Material 5 7
Theory of Machine 2 3
Machine Design 2 4
Fluid Mechanics 8 13
Vibrations 3 5
Heat Transfer 1 2
Manufacturing Engineering 7 11
Industrial Engineering 6 9
Thermal Science 7 10
Mathematics 10 15
General Aptitude 10 15
Total 65 100

GATE Electrical Paper Analysis 2018

In the year 2017, the paper code of Electrical Engineering had more focus on testing the analytical thinking of candidates and their clarity of concepts. Some questions were directly based whereas some of the questions were conceptually based. There were questions which involved intensive calculation and were lengthy. Even using a virtual calculator for solving them was taking much time. GATE Electrical Paper Analysis 2018 below:

Number Subject Session-1 Session-2
1 Analog Electronics 5 4
2 Control Systems 9 10
3 Digital Electronics 5 3
4 Electrical Machines 12 16
5 EMT 4 4
6 Maths 11 13
7 Measurement 4 4
8 Network Analysis 9 9
9 Power Electronics 7 10
10 Power Systems 10 6
11 Signals and Systems 9 6
12 Aptitude 15

For last few years, the level of difficulty is constantly increasing. It is not becoming easy. The questions are trick such that one can easily make the mistake while solving them and get confused. Even questions from the topics which are not considered important are asked. Solving calculation based questions is time-consuming.

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