CBSE 12th Maths Paper Analysis 20th March 2017 Review – Check

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CBSE 12th Maths Exam 2017 Analysis

Class 12th Board Mathematics Exam took place today on 20th March 2017. A large number of students have been appeared in Class 12th mathematics paper Exam 2017. If we talk about previous year CBSE 12th Maths paper then, the paper seems not to be come as easy it was expected. A lot of students submitted their paper with only the workings. Some didn’t get time for Calculations and some didn’t get the answers. In 2016, CBSE 12th Maths Paper was much from RD Sharma, not from NCERT. According to the sources, this year CBSE is nowhere to provide some sought of easy Question Paper. CBSE 12th Maths Exam 2017 Analysis will help you to get a better image for the Examination Paper.

With no doubts, CBSE has maintained the high standards of mathematics paper 2017. according to the students, The paper was lengthy and difficult but the new thing was, the questions were to the point, they were tricky but solved in a one or two go! Not like last year, that students are not even sure about the answers!hence this year No leniency in the marking of CBSE 12th maths paper Exam 2017!

CBSE 12th Mathematics analysis 2017
CBSE 12th maths paper Prediction 2017
CBSE 12th maths Exam difficulty level
CBSE 12th Maths Exam Review 2017

Most of the students felt that questions like 3D Geometry, AOD, Matrix and Relations & functions were medium to difficult. Differential equations and application of Integrations were lengthy questions but easy to solve!

CBSE 12th Mathematics Analysis 2017

We always suggest our students to practice for CBSE 12th Mathematics paper more from elementary Books and nevertheless, RD Sharma. Though, NCERT has a big role in CBSE syllabus of Mathematics and it is prescribed from the authorities within. But then too, mostly the paper will come from Elementary Books and RD Sharma. Previous Year, the paper was not jus difficult, it was lengthy too. Hence, this is because of two circumstances. One can be solving one question again and again in order to get the answer right. And second, delaying in calculations and preparation. So, this is our CBSE 12th Mathematics Analysis 2017.

CBSE 12th Maths Paper Review 2017

All information has been updated on this web page for CBSE 12th maths paper review 2017. All information can be checked here. Students can check here that the difficulty level of the CBSE 12th Maths paper exam 2017 will be slightly average to difficult!

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CBSE 12th Maths paper Analysis 2017

CBSE Maths 12th Paper Analysis 2017 by Experts

According to us, the Paper will not be easy to moderate. Otherwise it can be moderate to difficult. But on the whole, we think CBSE 12th Maths Paper 2017 will be tricky and lengthy. A lot of workings and calculations will be needed to get the answers. Questions from Matrix and relative topics will be very tough and tricky as well. CBSE Maths 12th Paper Analysis 2017- expected will be as here:

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Don’t expect CBSE 12th Maths Paper 2017 to be according to the Exam scheme which they have provided. Earlier year also, there was a difference in Exam Scheme/ pattern and this year too we expect the same. In 2016, the Exam Scheme Changes were as:

Linear programming Questions were of 6 marks.

Probability ( Tricky) Questions were of 10 marks.

Vectors and 3d geometry Questions were of 17 marks.

Relations and functions Questions were of 10 marks.

Algebra Questions were moderate type but were of 13 marks.

Calcus (Most difficult) questions were of 44 marks.

Henceforth, Overall Prediction for CBSE 12th Mathematics paper is that the questions will be Moderate to difficult. Mathematics CBSE 12th Paper 2017 will be Tricky, lengthy and some questions will be out of syllabus as well. So be Prepared!

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CBSE 12th Maths Exam 20th March 2017 Analysis

Around 17,00,000 students have applied for CBSE Board Examination 2017. The statistics are much higher than the previous year students appearance in the CBSE Board examination. In 2016, the highest marks acquired in CBSE 12th Mathematics was around 90-95 but hardly a less number of students got this. Despite being, that in 2016 CBSE 12th Mathematics Paper was difficult, no leniency was seen at the time of Checking the Paper. hence, this year we are expecting that CBSE will show some kind of Leniency while checking the Paper. Although, if we have a look on the Exam pattern/ Marks scheme, around 20% questions will be easy and 20% will be difficult. 60% questions will be average/ moderate. So, this is from our Team side CBSE 12th Maths Exam 20th March 2017 prediction.

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