Tripura State Scholarship for Class 9th / 10th – Status Check

Tripura State Scholarship for Class 9th / 10th – Status Check, Tripura Class 9th Scholarship Status, Tripura State Scholarship Class 10th, Check now!

Tripura State Scholarship for Class 9th/ 10th

Every state of the country promotes the economic and educational interests for the weaker section of the society especially for Scheduled Tribe and Scheduled Caste. Therefore, The state government of Tripura is offering the Pre- Matric Scholarship for Class 9th and 10th candidates of SC and ST category.

The main objective of Tripura Scholarship Scheme is to support the parents of SC and ST category in the education of their children. The help is offered financially in the form of the scholarship for those candidates who are studying class 9th and Class 10th. However, the step is taken to decreased the rate of drop outs from the schools. Besides this, the state government of Tripura is also wanted to encourage the participation of SC and ST children in class IX and X. They are encouraged to participate in the pre matric. Therefore, they are a chance of better progression in the post matric education. Tripura State Scholarship for Class 9th/ 10th is here. Check now!

Eligibility for Tripura State Scholarship

Following are the eligibility criteria to apply for Tripura State Scholarship 2017:

  • The students who want to apply for the state pre matric scholarship of Tripura must belong to the category of Scheduled Tribe.
  • The parent’s or Guardian’s income must not exceed the amount of Rs 2,00,000 per annum. The family income of the ST students if does not fall into this category, then cannot apply for the scholarship.
  • Next, the students who are applying for it must not be getting any other pre matric scholarship which is centrally funded.
  • Then, next eligibility criteria is that the students must be regular students in the schools. Therefore, no private students can apply for the scholarship scheme.
  • The scholarship is available only for a year. In case, the students are repeating the same class next year, then he will not get the facility of scholarship.

Tripura Scholarship Scheme 2017

The candidates will have the following benefits after getting Tripura Pre-Matric Scholarship:

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Item Day Scholars Hostellers
Books and Ad Hoc Grant (Rs per annum) RS 750 RS 1000
Scholarship for 10 months- RS per month RS 150 RS 350

Other Allowances

Other allowances are as follows:

  • Monthly tuition Allowance for Mentally Retarded and Mentally ill students: RS 240
  • Monthly Escort Allowance for Severely Disabled (i.e. with 80% or higher disability) Day Scholars/Students with low extremity disability: RS 160
  • Monthly Transport Allowance for students with disabilities: RS 160
  • Monthly Reader Allowance for Blind students: RS 160

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How to apply for Tripura Scholarship 2017

The interested candidates will apply for Tripura State Scholarship through the application form. The candidates will fill the application form. They will also attach the following documents with the application form:

  • 1 copy of the application form in the prescribed manner for Tripura State Pre- Matric Scholarship 2017. It should also be prescribed Renewal or Fresh Scholarship.
  • In the case of Fresh scholarship, the candidates must enclose the passport size photograph of the candidates along with his/ her signature.
  • Application Form must also have the original certificate of Scheduled Tribe. It must be signed by the authorized Revenue Officer. His rank must not be less than that of Tehsildar.
  • Income Declaration must also be attached with the application form.
  • After completing the application form, it must be submitted to the Principal of the school.
  • However, if students fail to submit the application form on time then their application form will be rejected.

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